Songs for the Journey Home tarot book and card set is now available again. This is a much loved set, co-created in New Zealand by Catherine Cook and Dwariko von Sommaruga.It is imbued with the wit and warmth of their friendship, their interest in spiritual reflection being part of everyday life and their belief that everyday life makes available the extraordinary.

Dwariko died in April 2010 and it was her wish that this creative work continued to be available to others. Catherine is now able to make this wish possible.

 Songs for the Journey Home is a re-visioning of the traditional tarot set, with 78 cards representing the equivalents of the Major and Minor Arcana cards and the Court cards.

The Major Arcana are renamed Life Songs. The suits are translated into Earth, Flame, Wind and Wave Songs. Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings take on attributes of Innocence, Awakening, Creating and Resolving. The round shape of the cards symbolises the opportunity to consider possibilities outside of binaries of right/wrong, good/bad and instead offers the contemplation of life"s challenges and joys without having to foreclose the meaning to be taken from events and relationships, disappointments and possibilities.

Items for sale

Boxed tarot sets, which include the 78 cards and a mini-instruction booklet. These cards are 73mm diameter

Tarot Set Price: NZ$30 + shipping for New Zealand sales.  US$30 + shipping for international sales .

 The book, Songs for the Journey Home. This is a 198 page soft gate-fold-covered book. This contains in-depth descriptions of the cards, meditations, stories, visualisations and ideas for tarot spreads.

Book Price: $NZ30.00 + shipping for New Zealand sales. $US30.00 + shipping for international sales.

Note: for those familiar with the set, the large decks of cards are not currently available for sale. However, if people have lost or damaged large cards, individual cards can be replaced at a cost of $10.00 each in any currency inclusive of shipping.

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